• Taste. Taste. Taste. It's the only way to learn. 

  • There's a lot to be learned from a great bar of chocolate. But there's even more to learn from one you didn't like. 

  • Be open, be curious and let your enthusiasm show. If the people selling you bean-to-bar chocolate are still snobby, they're in the wrong business. 

  • Always check our customer reviews and/or leave your own. Share with others what you are excited about, You also get the best recommendation this way. 

  • Bean-to-bar chocolate is more expensive than mass-market "chocolate" because it is made of premium materials. But just because a bar is expensive doesn't mean it is good. But most of our chocolate brands go through a rigorous selection process. So Hello Chocolate does this part for you. 

  • If you don't like the bar you've opened at first, taste it again every thirty minutes or so to see how your perception evolved. Or even try again the next day. 

  • Don't wait for something special to open a special bar of chocolate. 

  • A great chocolate maker is more important than the origin of cacao beans. 

  • Chocolate's number one job is to make us "casually" happy.  

  • In the end, there are no rules when it comes to bean-to-bar chocolate. 

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