Chinese New Year Hampers & Gifts

Chinese New Year Chocolate Gifts

Chinese New Year Hampers & Chocolate Gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We’re not talking here just about any chocolate. It is all about sustainably made, guild-free and healthy craft bean-to-bar chocolate. Here are some not so typical Chinese New Year hampers with hand-made chocolate from all around the world to suit anyone this season. With treasured festive flavours like orange, honey, and ginger, any person will be pleased to receive divine blessings with our CNY hampers. Filled with tasty and healthy treats (no harmful ingredients) and party chocolate to delight both the young and old, and presented in a hand-made and reusable bamboo basket, bringing joy and getting everyone in a festive mood has never been easier. 


Create Your Unique Personalised Chinese New Year Gift in 3 Simple Steps