Kad Kokoa (Thailand)

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 We take our daily chocolate routine pretty seriously here in Hello Chocolate - no matter how pretty packaging is - so having the right level of excitement help us to sail smoothly through one day to another is a high priority. Our latest unexpected discovery of Thai Kad Kokoa seems like this chocolate was custom built with us in mind. Ideal for daily boost, this dark chocolate made of Thai cacao features a very aromatic profile of cocoa beans grown in the Asian part of "the chocolate belt" and four regions of Thailand: Chiangmai, Chantaburi, Chumporn, and Prachuab. Chiangmai bar is full of layers and a great gift for a sophisticated chocolate lover. So whether you prefer off "floral" or "long-lasting aftertaste" in your tasting notes, this bar will make getting there an effortless success.

Kad Kokoa's history goes way back and is interwoven with the evolution in bean-to-bar chocolate making. Listen hard enough in the Asian chocolate community and you are bound to hear the name of Paniti and Nuttaya whispered with hushed reverence. As the driving force behind Marou Chocolate, Kad Kokoa put Thailand on the map as one of the perspective cocoa-growing countries and changed the perception of Thai chocolate forever. At Kad Kokoa, whose chocolate is heavily relied upon by clients like Mandarin Oriental and Jason Licker - The Iron Chef Thailand Champ - and other professionals who entrust them with their taste buds every day. 

With the spectacularly diverse wildlands of Nothern Thailand as their backyard and Bangkok as their proving ground, Kad Kokoa and their crew craft some of the brightest chocolate the world has ever seen. While the fine dining and luxury hospitality remail their largest client, Kad Kokoa has taken all that know-how, in-field feedback from their toughest users and added it to Kad Kokoa's keen design sense to create a killer line of best-in-class chocolate from Thailand. And we couldn’t be more excited to carry them. Each one comes with box-like packaging designed with a traditional Thai pattern that looks more like "Currents" album by Tame Impala, an ingeniously easy in/out design and Kad Kokoa’s signature locally-sourced attitude, so they can be a beautiful gift that tastes so good you’ll forget about mass-market chocolate forever.