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For this bar Original Beans uses an array of rare cacao varietals in the heights of Chuncho. Beans from Chuncho are one of the oldest varietals with centuries of history. The region is famous by one of the most remarkable world's wonder - the citadel of Incas Empire Machu Picchu. The bar also pictures one of the rarest and the largest bird in the world - Condor of the Andes, which also calls the Chuncho region its' home.  Th Chincho cacaos that grow on altitudes from 400m to 1400m are representing different varieties of beans rather than one genetic group. But this Cusco Chuncho bar isthe purest selections the beans. Beans are usually very small (around 1g per bean) but have a very high fat content and one of the most aromatic cacaos in the world. That is exactly why to spoil it with sugar is a crime. This 100% dark chocolate has only one ingredient and  is one of the most delicious sugar-free chocolates.  


Elegan 5-star sugar-free dark chocolate - a rich dark classic from Original Beans. 

The taste of Chuncho beans is aromatic and bold, deeply complex take on those rare beans from the region's most coveted are of Cusco. With decadent dark fruit flavours this bar is lush and powerful.


cacao (100%)
Weight: 70 g

Maker Description

Original Beans loves making pure, delicious chocolate, but the company wasn't created just to put another bar on the shelf. The company was founded on the passion for making the finest chocolate and for replenishing what we consume. For every bar of Original Beans chocolate purchased, a tree is planted and the adopted tree can be tracked via the code on the back of the sustainably made packaging. Buy chocolate and adopt a tree!

Customer Reviews

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Mrs Serene Teo
Pricey for a reason

I have tried several brands of 100 dark choco. This brand is one of the best for its Intense flavour, and yet there is strangely a sweetness in it as I chew it. Only in some types of choco beans it seems. Only a few pieces are enough if I crave a kick from chocolate or different flavour.

D Connor
Original Beans 100% Cusco Rarest of Rare

At first it seems subtle and light, but gradually becomes more intense and tastes so natural and so pure. I also enjoy the smell and the texture. I will definitely be adding this brand to my next order.

Terrie Chang

By far the best dark chocolate I've had! very smooth and distinct flavor

Dave Fong

it taste really good.


Nice packing and chocolates is very tasty.