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Journey to the Pacific Ring of Fire 

Hailing from the remote islands located in the Southern Pacific and Oceania, the cacao trees with their flame-hued pods grow in the area of 452 volcanoes, some of which are right on the outskirts of massive dormant volcanoes. These cacao trees, also known as firetrees, is where Firetree got their inspiration for the brand name. These trees thrive specifically in the porous volcanic soil, which incidentally provides a distinct and unique taste to their cacao beans that make up just about 1% of the earth's cacao bean production. It takes almost two days to travel to these remote and relatively untouched islands from the UK. 

Some of the island states are matriarchal societies, and Firetree works regularly with these women who are some of the finest cacao farmers. Specifically on Makira Island, farmer Lucy Kazimwane owns a farm herself and exclusively hires women to farm cacao beans and only occasionally enlisting help from men to do some heavy lifting. 

Firetree is the lovechild born from a partnership among the company's enthusiastic founders (David Zulman, Martyn O'Dare, & Aidan Bishop), an international independent creative agency (Leagas Delaney), and an artist (Andreas Fischer) who painted packaging using his impression after tasting each origin of the chocolate. The result is a beautiful and creative chocolate that is a great gift for any craft chocolate lover.  

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