Fjåk Chocolate (Norway)

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Hygge: coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Cuddle up and snuggle in with a cosy bar from Fjåk for a hygge-licht (hoo-ga like) time. The outside world may be daunting, life may sometimes be revolting, but chocolates from Fjåk will always be the comforting grandmother awaiting for you at your doorstep with a loving bowl of hot soup to soothe your soul. Sharing these phenomenal treats will also feel like the end of a long ski trip with your best mates and everyone is seated in the log cabin sipping on hot cocoa with the fireplace going. May you be rejuvenated, and rewarded with the au natural elements infused in these bars.

First craft chocolate maker in Norway, making organic, ethically traded, ‘bean to bar’ chocolate of the highest quality and adding the finest natural ingredients from the Nordic nature.

Some Fjåk-ing good Nordic chocolate made with lots of love.

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