Fossa Chocolate (Singapore)

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Fossa Chocolate is part of a new wave of the Singaporean artisans dead set on bringing Singapore craft industry to its glory. After going on the hunt for Singapore-made chocolate that A) tasted authenticly good and B) were available for less than luxury prices, Fossa’s founder came up empty-handed. But instead of throwing in the towel, he hit up a factory in Tuas area, to see if they could make his dream chocolate into a reality. Well, a couple years and a bunch of very successful bars later they’re still forging ahead, putting their local twist on classic bean-to-bar chocolate. We love Fossa’s story so much that this season we’ve been proud to add first Singaporean craft chocolate to our collection of the best chocolate from around the world. It’s like they got a psychic to read into our chocolate fantasies or something. Well played, Fossa.

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