Friis Holm Chocolate (Denmark)

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"47-year-old Mikkel Friis-Holm is a bona fide star in the chocolate world. He caters to Michelin-starred chefs and fine restaurants all over the globe."
Food & Wine Magazine

Edison tried 1000 different prototypes when inventing the lightbulb before getting it just right. Mikkel Friis-Holm showed a similar unwavering spirit when perfecting his lineup of Danish chocolate. The result? Denmark-made chocolate that alters the taste of our favourite chocolate brands right after the first bite. His iconic and award-winning Chuno Double and Tripple turn bars and his new white, dark milk and dark chocolate creations are so delicious that, they could only taste better if they were made by some magic fairies. Just stock your chocolate storage while you can. This supply is limited.

Friis Holm is working predominantly with extremely rare and legendary Nicaraguan varieties to launch his newest collection of unique and divine Dutch-made chocolate.

In 2019 Friis-Holm won Gold at the International Chocolate Awards in London for his O'Payo Milk 50% bar. With Mikkel's focus on even the smallest details of the chocolate making, these bars are fermented and conched to taste like a charm.


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