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Mesmerizing paper lanterns dot the sky at dusk with people bustling in the streets along the railway tracks and rocky road. Graceful individuals filled with gratitude and hope for what they have and what is to come. Hailing from the land of scrumptious street food and proud Chinese culture, Fu Wan from Taiwan stands out in the crowd in the craft chocolate industry filled with western chocolate makers. And just like that, Warren Hsu Hua-Jen is making Oriental Chocolate vogue. 

Fu Wan Chocolate is the recent star of International Chocolate Awards - the annual "chocolate Oscar" that comprises the best of the best of the bean-to-bar chocolate industry. In 2019, Warren Hsu Hua-Jen, the founder of Fu Wan, brought home awards for 19 bars from his collection, including The Best Dark Chocolate 2019 Golden medal for its Taiwan #1 62% Ping Tung. Fu Wan's specialization is in tree-to-bar chocolate, sourcing high-quality Taiwanese cocoa beans. Warren Hsu can be named #1 bean-to-bar maker in Taiwan, where the craft chocolate industry is still an unfamiliar concept. Being a chef and a food aficionado who knows his steak and wine, Warren is open to experiments that combine something traditional like dark chocolate with unexpected local ingredients like Charcoal Oolong. Fu Wan's bean-to-bar factory is also the first in Taiwan that went through HACCP and ISO2200 certification. A proprietary roasting protocol, experimenting with different levels of humidity and temperature, along with double fermentation put Fu Wan on the list of one of the best innovative craft chocolate makers in the world. Enjoy this exotic Asian chocolate that promises to be one of the trendiest chocolate of the next decade.  

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