Kankel Cacao (Spain)

Gifts of Bean to Bar Chocolate | Kankel Cacao

"The purpose of Kanke Cacao is, through the flavours and sensations of cacao, to bring the portion of land from which it was born. Get closer to the essence of its surroundings, of its' region" - Juan Angel Rodrigalvarez, Master Chocolatier. 

Kankel Cacao is the window through which to draw closer to the universe of cocoa. Explore and expand your gastronomic limits to explore varieties and origins. A world in a single piece which inspires emotions and memories. A delicate and sophisticated sensual pleasure that will entrap you. Kankel Cacao was inspired to create a personal, delicate, sophisticated and genuine experience through cacao.

 Juan Angel Rodrigalvarez is an enthusiast who travels around the world, selecting only the best beans to create the best and finest chocolate bars. Juan Angel is the winner of the Best Pastrycook Confectioner 2010 by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy among other awards. His experience of more than 30 years and his own personal way of understanding the world of cacao are transformed into flavours that are both pure and complex at the same time. Expertise suited to different times and ways to understand and appreciate this fascinating product of the land: cacao. 

Kankel Cacao flees from conventionalism and preconceived models.