Nina Chocolate (Peru)

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Nina Chocolate is a small chocolate maker from Peru that is deeply connected with the core of Mother Nature’s gifts: energy of mountains, century-old knowledge kept in the trees, and animals and plants of the Chazuta region of Huallaga river. Growing cacao was a forgotten practice among locals when Oliver and Luz Egger first arrived in the area escaping from the concrete blocks and buzzing of the big city. Now they produce one of the finest chocolates you can find in Peru. 
The name, Nina Chocolate, was inspired by the ancient legend of Nina - the princess of Amazon - who lived in harmony with the forest and took her wisdom from the spirits of plants. Nina came to know each and every animal and spirit that dwelled in the jungle but, above all, she formed a deep understanding and bond with the plants. After discovering a cacao tree, Nina was transformed and amazed by the delicacy of the flowers, reveling in the sweet-tasting juice, and was enchanted by the seeds, which held the potential to become rich, refined treat.
To preserve the vibe and mystic of the legend, Nina Chocolate’s farm pays a lot of attention towards reforesting its area with native trees. At the same time, growing cacao revived an important economic resource and rescued varieties of native cacao that were missing. The valley where the farm is located follows the Huallaga river between peaks of over a thousand meters high that guard over cacao speckled hills. Now the company is crafting award-winning premium chocolates that reflect a wondrous and rewarding experience that involves a vast amount of dedication, patience and persistence. 


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