Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)

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The gold standard for bean-to-bar chocolate, winning 207 awards nationwide and internationally and counting, the best chocolate FOR the world. Introducing Pacari Chocolate from Ecuador.

Pacari translates to “nature” in Quechua, the ancestral language of the Andes. The name encapsulates the holistic intent of Pacari’s business: respect for human beings and a harmonic relationship with the environment.

“Each bar of chocolate is the result of a human process. It is the manifestation of the soul of the community, inspired by a sustainable and ancestral culture of chocolate.”

Paradoxically, Santiago Peralta, the founder of Pacari Chocolate, never had formal training in chocolate-making. It was this freedom in creation that propelled the company to innovation, stepping beyond industry standards to invent methods that would create better chocolate for humans and for the world. They are now recognized as the World’s Best Chocolate for five consecutive years.

The fundamental mission of Pacari is to care for the planet by giving back the life it brings through quality and socially responsible international chocolate. They focus on biodynamic agriculture, which is a practice that considers crop, farm, and land as a singular complex organism that works together. Through this philosophy, Pacari has generated and adapted practices that cover all aspects of agriculture -- ecological, economic, and social. This includes but is not limited to practices such as manure management, composting, and the use of biodynamic preparation of landscape and crop rotation. They also work with over 3,500 small-scale farmers through direct trade, which allows these farmers to see their income triple. To further solidify their sustainable impact on this world, Pacari is one of the top 10 B-corporations in the world as a catalyst for change.

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