pre-order  bean-to bar chocolate

Hello Chocolate's Pre-Order service is the best way to enjoy great chocolate with the the best possible impact. It's your direct access to the world's best chocolate makers. By pre-ordering your chocolate you support independent chocolate makers and get better chocolate in return. With the support of our chocolate lovers, we have a chance to fund talented independent chocolate makers up front. This way, they get to spend their attention on making you the best chocolate possible.

By pre-ordering your chocolate you are getting:

- world-class exclusive chocolate directly from talented independent chocolate makers;

- better chocolate at a better price;

- an opportunity to make chocolate even better by leaving a review;

- access to new exciting beans and recipes. 

Every now and then we will share with you Pre-Order campaigns that will feature old and new chocolate makers that we discovered recently. You will be able to get the best deal and chocolate makers will get peace of mind by simply focusing on what they do the best - making great chocolate.    

Get closer to the chocolate maker. Shop our current Pre-Order chocolates here.