Puchero Chocolate (Spain)

 Puchero Chocolate Singapore

It is difficult to tell whether coffee found the founder of Puchero they found coffee, but what we can be sure of is that now coffee scents their lives. But not just any coffee… We’re talking about carefully sourced and roasted specialty coffee. The founders of Puchero are Paloma and Marco, from Spain and Italy respectively. After living in London for several years, they decided to stop, reflect and take a new approach to life. They travelled to new places and met incredible people along the way, whose love for the exciting world of coffee rubbed off on them. Together, they created Puchero, which has grown since 2015 to become a leader in specialty coffee and one of the best roasters in Spain. But the story doesn’t end there. Not so long time ago, chocolate came into their lives. Inspired by the infinite nuances of cacao from around the world, now at Puchero they roast beans that have been harvested and dried on the farm by small-scale producers to make bars of craft chocolate that are truly outstanding. If you are a fan of well-roasted coffee, don't miss this tremendous selection of single-origin chocolate infused with carefully sourced local ingredients and coffee. 

So you asked, we delivered. The whole Puchero's chocolate collection is here, and it is delicious. We were working hard over the past several months stuffing ourselves with a lot of new chocolate but fell in love with Puchero's bars almost instantly. Maybe because of their coffee roasting skills or many because of their decadent bars such as their Guatemala bar with butter. Don't miss that bean-to-bar chocolate. It is made for your fine chocolate adventures.   


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