Rozsavolgyi Chocolate (Hungary)

Rozsavolgyi Chocolate

Difficult to pronounce but easy to love. The closest transcription for the Hungarian version of Rose Valley (Rozsavolgui) will be "ruzha volgui" but it is also OK to refer to it as the Hungarian Chocolate because the company was one of the pioneers of the bean-to-bar movement in Hungary and, probably, the most well-known worldwide. They have a remarkable quirky design and playfulness that immediately reminds us of another chocolate brand - Austrian Zotter.  Both brands are family businesses and in both brands husband and wife, Szolt Szabad and Katalin Csisar in the case of Rozsavolgui, run the business. Wait a sec! It also sounds like Hello Chocolate!!! Maybe it is time to start a new movement of "wihus - [wai'has] for wife & husband" businesses. And enjoy some great chocolate, while thinking about a more pronounceable name for Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  

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