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Isn’t it obvious that a priori any food should be fine? Excuse us for the tautology but in most of the cases, this is not a case.  
Six days left till the final announcement of International Chocolate Awards 2015 winners. Another annual event of choosing best of the best chocolates from around the world will take place this month in London starting from 12th of October.
But why this event is so important for the chocolate industry and for Hello Chocolate in particular? Let’s try to dig deeper into this award trying to analyze results of previous 2014 event.
 International Chocolate Award is a final stage of the year-around regional competition that takes place around the world. In 2014 they took the best of European & American semi-finals adding a significant number of German/Austria/Switzerland, Scandinavian & Canadian finalists.
 More than 16 000 of experts were involved, including reputable food journalists, bloggers, sommeliers and other influential figures of food industry into the process of choosing most tasty & quality chocolate products of those 950 that were submitted in 2014. Subsequently,  only small number of chocolate brands from different continents and countries reached Grand Jurors in London.
 Now a little bit more about why this award is so important to us. The answer is very simple. Our humble taste, budgets and chocolate consumption capacity couldn’t compete with 16 000 of sophisticated experts from around the world. So using well-know 20/80 Pareto principle we decided to use the easiest path. We decided to fully rely on blind tasting decisions of many food professions. Of course, we couldn’t refuse the temptation of including some other brands (like Ocelot & Bonnat) that we found to be bright, tasty & fun. But International Chocolate Award influences us a lot to make that decision and we really do not regret that we made them.  
It worked perfectly well for us. Now we are proud to have one of the best collections of premium chocolates from around the world in Singapore.
 But let’s return to the award. In 2014 following brands from our collection reached the chocolate final in London: CACAOSUYO (Peru), Omnom (Iceland), Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador), Marou – Faiseurs de Chocolat (Vietnam), Akesson’s (UK) and Fruition (USA). Not bad for Singapore, right? And this is only the beginning. More brands are waiting to join us this year.
But what about winners? Here we go!:
In 2014 following bars and chocolate products were awarded:
Bars – Dark plain/origin bars
GOLD: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Montubia 70%
SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Raw 70%
SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Piura – Quemazon 70%
SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Lacumbia 70%
SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Tangara 70%
BRONZE: Omnom (Iceland) Madagascar 66 %
Bars – High Percentage Dark plain/origin bars
GOLD: Marou – Faiseurs de Chocolat (Vietnam) – Tan Phu Dong 85% La Grande Epicerie de Paris
SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Raw 85%
SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) Raw 100%
Bars – Dark chocolate bars flavoured with inclusions or pieces
GOLD: Akesson’s (United Kingdom) Madagascar – 75% chocolate & voatsiperifery pepper
And only now, finishing this blog post, we realized how hard we worked this year to launch and to develop our Hello Chocolate store and how proud we are to have such amazing brands on board. Each of them did really great job transforming the chocolate industry into really gourmet & fun experience.
 We don’t want to sound too pretentious and snobbish but we really think that life is too short to eat bad chocolate, drink bad wine, read bad books & meet bad people. Let’s make our lives slightly happier and easier with the help something beautiful.  
 Let’s follow together this year International Chocolate Award and taste great chocolate later. We will do our best to have a full range of new winners on board.
 Stay Happy, Eat Chocolate!