A New Image: Kids' Art and Chocolate Meet in Singapore
Singapore - Townsville Primary School

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This coming Mother Day kids from Townsville Primary School will be our designers of honour. The school is one of the greatest examples of learning and, what is even more important,  displaying student’s art in Singapore with reproductions of Andy Warhol, Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso hanging along its’ corridors.

It was during one of the visits to the school the idea to show the kids how their art can be applied in real life came to our mind.  During the whole term, students of a Primary 5 class were submitting their variants of Mother’s Day gift cards highlighting how much the feelings toward the most important person of each child’s life can be transformed into creative visual form. The idea of the contest was to choose the most interesting works to produce a gift card that we will be a significant part of Hello Chocolate’s Mother’s Day gifts.   

 We were impressed by the level of interest, passion and creativity kids expressed through their works. Most adults accuse modern kids to be creative with e negative sign. We want to use our collaboration with Townsville Primary School to help draw a more positive picture, one better reflecting Singapore educational system’s evolving status as the capital of Asian art.