Chocolate, champagne and more for some lucky VIPs…

Working Thursday is over. Dangling from the doors of Formula 1 Pit Building whose light floods out onto the pavement: a ‘Boutique Fairs Singapore’ sign. You approach tentatively, glance up and down the street to check you aren’t being watched, then slip inside, half-expecting to be hushed and asked for the password…

Secrets and tries
Welcome to the next semi-annual Boutique Fairs, 2 days of exciting shopping with something special from the world of boutique businesses and design. One day you may find yourself tasting chocolate from around the world made with some of the most sought-after cocoa on the planet with high-end whisky, the next it may be a delicate coffee infusion paired with luxurious chocolates. And all this surrounded by the number of bright fashion and interior brands.  

How VIP event works
After a short introduction, with a glass of Champaign in hand, you’ll mingle with the other guests – numbers are limited so it’s an intimate in comparison with official 2 days, VIP experience – guided by your host as you consider the flavour profile of this evening’s focus. And than myriads of exclusive products from more than hundred of boutique vendors.

What if  I haven't received VIP invitation?
Don't be upset. You can freely visit Boutique Fairs during Friday or Saturday when they will be open for regular shopping. Just keep eating more amazing chocolates from around the world with Hello Chocolate and share some bubbles with us during Boutiques VIP event this November. 

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