Pralus Chocolate (France)

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Pralus Chocolate was founded in 1948. Auguste Pralus, the founding father of the brand, very soon became very famous as a maker of one of the best world's brioche with pieces of red almonds and hazelnuts coated in rose sugar. He called it Praluline. Since then he started to supply his signature patisserie and chocolate treats from Roanne all around France and later around the world.

Today the famous chocolate makes is run by Auguste’s son Francois. He is continuing to make delicious Pralulines. But recently Francois Pralus became widely know for his range of single origin chocolate bars including his absolute bestsellers -  collection of Barre Infernales. He is relentless in sourcing best cacao bean from different world's exotic locations. Now he also owns his own cacao plantation in Madagascar.