Shattell Chocolate (Peru)

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"Shattell's concentrated expertise and deep local knowledge produce bars with powerful and distinctive flavours that have quickly earned an enviable reputation among connoisseurs."
The Telegraph
Shattell is one of those rare examples of chocolate makers located where their core raw material, cocoa bean, is from. In this case, we are talking about Peru. Sattell launched its' chocolate production in Lima in 2009. Since then the company is crafting chocolate from finest criollo cocoa from different areas of Peruvian Amazon. Peruvian cocoa beans are already recognised throughout the world for their aromatic flavours and recognised sophisticated aroma. But proximity to the source allowed Shattell to bring it to the new level making its' Chuncho bar the best dark chocolate in the word in 2017.
As in case of almost all bean-to-bar producers, Shattell is working directly with the cocoa farmers sharing with them additional value in exchange for their excellent harvesting, fermenting and drying job. It helps Shattell to make the best chocolate because "good chocolate is born in the field!"     
Shattell is also contributing to the growing popularity of real chocolate as a health product, mixing only organic panela (cane sugar) with a high percentage of cocoa: from 70% to 100%. It's also becoming a good trend to mix chocolate with local superfood such as quinoa, kiwicha, maca, sacha inchi, chia, kaniwa. And, of course, all chocolates are gluten-free, soy-free and contain no dairy.