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Hello Chocolate members fund talented chocolate makers from around the world in return for exclusive access to wholesale prices. Plus they eat the most delicious chocolate available on the market.

Join the lucky chocolate lovers buying better chocolate for their money

By investing $35 SGD per month into their chocolate online account, our members get better chocolate that makes better to the planet with less money and with long-lasting impact on lives of independent chocolate makers and farmers around the globe.

1. Our members save $35 a month into their Hello Chocolate account

2. Which we use to invest in talented independent chocolate makers from around the world

3. In return for exclusive chocolate at inside price (Up to 33% off retail)

4. Which we pass back to our members as a thank-you.

To reassure you... there're NO tie-ins or membership fees.

You can spend your accumulated money on any of our chocolates whenever you want.

How does membership funding get you better chocolate for the money?

We don't invest in chocolate makers because we want to be nice (although we do!) - we do it because it bring the best to everyone. Here's why:

1. Better cacao beans

Because farmers know that their harvest has been sold upfront, they can focus on quality, not quantity of grapes. It is also the direct contribution into conserving one the rarest varieties of delicious beans.  

2. Real People and Stories

Our chocolate makers are lovely and passionate people with amazing stories to tell and with real connection to the source. Doesn't it sound better than sugary chocolate made with cacao dust and palm oil?

3. More Interesting Chocolates

We're no a supermarket shelf, so we don't rely on big marketing budgets and cheap products to sell our chocolate. Our selling power is in working only with the most sustainable, innovative and bright brands that are good for your body and your soul.

4. Better Chocolate Making

Our chocolate makers also know that their chocolate is sold upfront, so they spend more time on sourcing the best beans and creating delicious recipes, rather then spending time on trying to sell it via traditional channels occupied by cheap mass-market brands.

5. Scaling Up

The more members we have the bigger our purchase capacity and the more we're capable to take the entire production batch. It's life-changing commitment that is rewarded with the best possible price.

6. No Middlemen

Because we deliver directly to you, you don't pay for expensive contemporary distribution or agents. It's best possible price for you, chocolate maker and cacao grower. It's an innovative and the most sustainable business model which goal to challenge the existing status-quo of the chocolate industry.