Bonnat - Baking Chocolate - Enrobage 65%

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With 65% of cocoa content this soft and dark chocolate distinguishes itself through significantly more chocolate aroma than other covertures of that kind. The exotic aromas of the cocoa beans are activated with the help of a cocoa content of 65%. Coupled with raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter. For cakes, torts, cupcakes, mousse, and pralines. 


cacao, sugar, cacao butter.
Weight: 1 kg

Maker Description

Bonnat Chocolatier is one of the oldest family-owned chocolate makers in the world. They have been producing delicious chocolate for more than 130 years. They focus on the union of human expertise and natural elements in the selection of plantations and cacao beans for harvest, considering even the smallest of details such as weather cycles, the minerals in the soil, and even the sunlight. Widely known as the crème de la crème of single estate chocolates, Bonnat has earned a reputation and consecutive accolades to support the fine chocolates produced in their factory.