Soma - Dark Chocolate - Crazy 88%

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Take our favourites and blend them together in a bar designed to make you crazy: Canoabo, Ucayali, Costa Esmeraldas.
If these names mean something to you, then you are one of us—a nutty, cacao-obsessed ninja ready to infiltrate the world of chocolate flavours. Crazy 88s seek out the best cacao all over the globe. They skillfully blend different cacao to make a potent and beautifully nuanced extra dark chocolate. Crazy 88 is our secret flavour weapon. Crazy 88 members cast a shadow in the form of a cat.


Origin: Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador
Notes: black tea, balsamic vinegar, fresh cream, lemon, jasmine, apricots, walnuts 
*All Soma's chocolates may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy
International Chocolate Awards: Americas 2016- Silver

Maker Description

SOMA was conceived in the minds of a couple from Canada, who sought to find new ways of creating and enjoying chocolate. As fascinating as every definition of the word, SOMA’s creations are truly out of this world and mystical. An otherworldly experience has been curated for the recipients of their chocolates, one that transcends human comprehension.