Idilio - Dark Chocolate - Cooperativa Amazonas 72%

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A subtle and well-rounded 72% dark chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa with an interesting burnt caramel flavour note. This bar is made with very special cocoa beans. It is believed that the original, precious Criollo cacao originates from an area deep in the rainforest of South Venezuela at the source of the Orinoco. A very small village in this area is occupied by a group of indigenous people who belong to the tribe of the ‘Yanomami’ – and these people operate a cocoa cooperative, called ‘Amazonas’. They collect the wild cocoa which grows around the village and ferments it perfectly in wooden boxes. After drying it out in the sun, they have to transport the cocoa beans on canoes on a three-day journey along to the nearest road and at the same time, keep it dry. The quality of the wild cacao is consistently amazing.


Swiss chocolate from cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Store cool and dry. 
Weight: 80g 

Maker Description

We can't imagine premium single origin chocolate without chocolate made from Criollo beans. But after all the talk over the years about gradual Criollo beans extinctions there is one place they are still striving - Souther Venezuela.  That's where Swiss chocolate maker Idilio Origins decided to focus on. MDs Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer, CEO of Idilio Origins, concentrated their search of the perfect cocoa beans specifically in this area which is famous for its concentration of rare varieties. And, believe us, they know a thing or two about how to make premium Swiss chocolate.