Idilio - Dark Chocolate - Carenero Urrutia Superior 70%

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Named after the northern port town from which they ship, Carenero beans are grown in the Miranda province of Venezuela. Before shipping from Carenero they grow a little further south in Barlovento, some of the beans are then shipped to Basel in Switzerland for some expert Swiss chocolatier in order to turn them into an Idilio Origins chocolate bar. Idilio Origins have a specific philosophy for selecting their cacao and a passion for using traditional techniques to process it. They only select cacao from biodiverse farms with carefully curated fermentation and drying processes, as well as selecting only ‘noble’ varietals from direct trade producers that can be efficiently shipped to Switzerland. Once the beans land in Switzerland, they use finish rolling and traditional conching techniques to bring out the delicate flavour of the Carenero beans. Carenero beans are considered some of the fruitiest of the Venezuelan cacaos owing to their trinitario heritage, which makes them stand out amongst the other varietals grown in the region.


Urrutia in Barlovento produces particularly fine Carenero Superior, a Trinitario variety whose name is traced back to the former export port Carenero. Superior is a historical quality classification. The selection from the harvest of the Hacienda is based on the optimal fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans as well as the varietal purity of the Trinitariofrucht.


Swiss chocolate from cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Store cool and dry. 
Weight: 80g 

Maker Description

We can't imagine premium single origin chocolate without chocolate made from Criollo beans. But after all the talk over the years about gradual Criollo beans extinctions there is one place they are still striving - Souther Venezuela.  That's where Swiss chocolate maker Idilio Origins decided to focus on. MDs Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer, CEO of Idilio Origins, concentrated their search of the perfect cocoa beans specifically in this area which is famous for its concentration of rare varieties. And, believe us, they know a thing or two about how to make premium Swiss chocolate.