Akesson's - Dark Chocolate - Madagascar Criollo 75%

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Product Description

Certified Organic – The Ambolikapiky Plantation is part of Bertil Åkesson’s 2000ha Bejofo Estate. This premium dark chocolate bar was produced from criollo cocoa and created by the award-winning and famous chocolate maker Bertil Akesson. The story of Bertil Åkesson is quite unique and romantic. His father was Swedish diplomat in Paris who quit his safe job and started his own trading company. Travelling around the world he ended up owning several plantations of cocoa and spices in Madagascar. Now Bertil Åkesson is well-known as one of the legendary figures of the international bean-to-bar chocolate movement. This organic chocolate bar has red berries and citrus notes with earthy aftertaste traditional for Madagascan criollo beans. 
Weight: 60g


2016, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Dark Bean to Bar Under 80%, GOLD
2015, Great Taste Awards
2015, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Best Dark Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Under 80%, GOLD
2014, Great Taste Awards: GOLD 1star
2013, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Best Dark Bar: SILVER
2011, Academy of Chocolate Awards, Best Dark Bar: SILVER

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