Dandelion - Dark Chocolate - Montuano Venezuela 70%

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Color : It’s a deep shade of brown, the texture : a little sticky and decent snap. The bar smells of rye bread and nutmeg. Dandelion does not add additional cocoa butter to their bars, but this bar is very creamy feeling, which, to me, is a positive as I like my chocolate on the creamy/fatty spectrum. You will  pick up strong coffee notes as well as graham crackers and chamomile tea. All of these elements combine in a way that reminds me of a simple breakfast. This will appeal to anyone who likes dark, earthy bread slathered in butter.


cacao beans, cane sugar 
Weight: 56 g

Maker Description

This bar is the face of "Girl Power', as the beans for this bar come 'Coperativa Flor de Mantuano' a small-scale, women-run, co-op in the tropical hills of the Caribbean coast of Venezuela, who have roasted them at a higher temperature for a shorter time, kind of like coffee roasting.