Dandelion -Dark Chocolate - Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 70%

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Bright hints of lemon infuse the dark chocolate. A combination of sweetness,  sherbet and mango blend into an almost bubblegum-like quality. Richer, deeper hints of fondant come through towards the finish.   It's delightful to see how well the beans hold fruity and chocolatey notes in equal measure, with a balance of ripe mango and caramelized strawberries with a lovely, rich, brownie batter finish.


cacao beans, cane sugar 
Weight: 56 g 

Maker Description

These beans come from Kokoa Kamili, a social enterprise in the Kilombero District of southern Tanzania. Because they felt they could benefit local farmers by improving the quality of their cacao crops. Kokoa Kamili buys ‘wet’ beans (not yet dried or fermented) straight from the farm gates. It takes care of the fermentation and drying at its own facility – two steps especially important for flavour development.