Fossa - Dark Chocolate - Davao 70%

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A single-origin chocolate from the Calinan district in Davao City, Philippines. Fossa only brought in a few beans this time so very limited quantities are currently available.
This is a dark chocolate that reminds of a dark milk chocolate with its creamy and smooth mouthfeel. Perhaps that's why it pairs so well with tea. Fossa made a nano batch of this special chocolate for the Tea & Chocolate pairing workshop held in collaboration with Pekoe & Imp in early September and it was a hit. The freshly roasted cacao bean has distinctive notes of port wine, and that carried through in the chocolate bar - very interesting!
Fossa is running more test roasts on this cacao so the next release may be different. Best to grab a pack now to do a vertical tasting flight.
The cacao was sourced from Fossa's friends, Michael and Doris who started a wet bean collection centre and fermentation facility in Calinan, Davao City in 2015. Every year during the harvesting season from November to January, wet beans are collected from smallholder farmers to be fermented and dried.  


Fortified wine, fresh cream 


Cacao beans (70%), cane sugar
Weight: 35 g

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