Chocolarder - Chocolate Egg - Gorse Flower 50% Milk (210g)

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Independent: ‘Chocolader’s innovative packaging is the best we’ve seen, and we also loved it’s ingenious use of flavour.’

GQ: ‘A chocolate brand that prides itself on its avoidance of shortcuts, preservatives, bulking agents, substitutions and articial shenanigans, Chocolarder's 2020 Easter egg output is
as guilt-free as it gets.’

The Observer: ‘Probably the most eco-friendly of them all, with plastic-free packaging. But what is worthiness without deliciousness? Nothing.’
Chocolarder's hand crafted chocolate, presented in plastic free, recyclable packaging that is not only good for the planet but strikingly different. Take the guilt out of Easter Eggs, no plastic, just four ingredients and completely slavery free! Plucked by hand from the prickly hedgerows that line the local Cornish coastal path, these small yellow flowers are a right pain in the fingers to harvest! However, once steeped in cocoa butter pressed in Chocolarder's own factory, the flowers impart their warm coconutty scent to our 50% milk chocolate for a unique flavour that makes it all worthwhile.


Gorse bushes can be seen in abundance across the Cornish landscape from moorland to coastal paths, through towns and invading gardens. These large spiney bushes provides shelter and food for many insects and birds, such as Stonechats, Dartford Warblers, and Yellowhammers. The flowers on these prickly bushes are a vibrant yellow and bloom in the years early sunshine, these are the treasures for chocolate. During their bloom, clouds of warm coconut scent drift on the breeze from the gorse bushes and are integral to our nostalgia for the long unmitigated summers of childhood. Traditionally, Gorse has had many roles aside its burst of coconut fragrance as we trek the coastal paths. The dry branches can be gathered for an effective fuel, used in bread ovens and stoves, and when bound together could form an efficient chimney brush. The flowers have also been widely used in making wine and cordial but most surprisingly being turned into colourings to decorate Easter eggs. It might not alter the colour of our chocolate, but it tastes divine!
Each egg is 210g and 32 cm high 
Bean varietal - Criollo/Trinitario
Bean origin - Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic 
Cocoa - 50%
Conch time - 24 hours
Free from: Palm oil, E-mulsifiers, Vegetable fats, Preservatives, Colourings, Refined sugars And most importantly 100% Slavery free.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder and gorse flowers.

Maker Description

Chocolarder has a mission to make high quality bean to bar chocolate without compromising on ethics. The company ethically sources cocoa beans from around the world, and use renovated antique machinery to turn them into award winning chocolate in its' Falmouth factory. Chocoalder chocolate can be enjoyed safe in the knowledge that you are not inadvertently supporting child slavery or deforestation, farmers are being paid fair wages, and all of our packaging is completely plastic free.