Ritual - Dark Chocolate - Fleur de Sel

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This is no ordinary sea salt dark chocolate bar. Ordinary sea salt is made by evaporating seawater and collecting the remnants. Fleur de sel, on the other hand, comes from the delicate crystals of salt that form atop shallow pools of seawater, and must be harvested by hand by skimming the surfaces of these pools using special sieves. The hard work and heart work put into harvesting the sea salt as well as the blended origin dark chocolate from cacao beans makes this chocolate bar a sophisticated and involved gift to the taste buds.


Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fudge & Sea Salt
Cacao Percentage: 70%
2016 Academy of Chocolate Bronze


Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Fleur de Sel
Weight: 60g 

Maker Description

Davies and Stout spent about a year researching and testing different methods of chocolate making before they launched Ritual Chocolate in Denver, eight years ago. They started with one bar and slowly added more over time. Now, they have an assortment of bars and make everyone at their shop on Iron Horse Drive. Ritual aims to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, and the premium prices on their bars trickles directly down to a living wage paid to the well-respected plantation farmers.