Fossa - Dark Chocolate - Lachuá 70%

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Single-origin chocolate made using cacao sourced by Fossa's partner, Uncommon Cacao, from the Alta Verapáz region in Guatemala.
The cacao is inherently juicy and acidic, so we decided to highlight that bright apricot flavour note while giving it a touch of lightly roasted coffee note for the body. These beans are pretty high in cocoa butter content so you’ll find that the texture is luxuriously smooth and creamy.
In the area around Laguna Lachuá—a pristine lake in the middle of a national park covered with tropical rainforest, the predominantly Q'eqchi Mayan farmers grow cacao along with their main crops of cardamom and corn. Cacao farmers are organized into three certified organic community associations, ASODIRP, ASOSELNOR, and K’AT’BALPOM, each with its own fermentation and drying operation. Lachuá communities have planted over 245 hectares of new cacao since 2014, with the shared goal of protecting the Laguna and improving their quality of life.


Tasting notes: Apricot, Bright coffee


Organic cacao beans (70%), cane sugar
Weight: 35 g

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