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What is Nano_Lot? 
Nano_Lot cocoas are available on an extremely limited basis and consequently only at specific times of the year, meaning once they are gone, they are gone. Those that Naive has chosen to feature boast the highest ratings, are of rarest quantities and provide the unique tasting experience. We strongly believe that these are the world's best cocoas because of the amount of R&D given to them.
Elizabeth is a third-generation cacao producer. Due to Colombian armed conflict between left-wing guerrillas and the army, she had to leave Araquita where she was born and raised. She finally came back, in 2011, after 25 years in exile and structured one of the best cacao producing farms in the country. As a researcher, she's investigating the old cacao trees of the region and implementing innovative cultivar design and agronomic methods - she holds supreme quality as her final objective. Her farm, Villa Gabi, is one of the oldest cacao's farms in town. Her dad, Miqueas, is one of the key people who pushed cacao production in the region and led the Fedecacao research. 


Pod:  FTA is a clone, selected by Colombian Cacao Federation, with the methodology of "participatory selection" that the Federation uses to detect good yields of old hybrids. The matured pod is light red on colour with an oblong shape, obtuse apex and intermediate rugosity. 
Bean: The big and ovate beans are light-purple in colour with mottled white stripes. They are fermented in wooden cubic boxes, in the line with Elizabeth's precise technique of shoveling (to ensure a high percentage of consistency), and dried on wild cane drying beds under a plastic roof. 
Flavour: Initial taste of ripe strawberries and wheat beer followed by kiwi fruit tones and a subtle leather aroma, with a sparkling sensorial feel in the back of the throat and on the side of the tongue.
Aftertaste: The slim film of chocolate covers the tongue for around 5 minutes.   
Quality: Spectacular quality profile with negative presence of bitterness or astringency, although has a specific characteristic in its aroma and flavour. 


cacao, sugar, cacao butter.
Weight: 55 g

Maker Description

Each and every day Naive Chocolate makes outstanding bean-to-bar chocolate in a tiny town of the Eastern side of Lithuania.