Ritual - Dark Chocolate - Mid Mountain Blend 70%

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A balanced blend of all the Ritual origins. Ritual's goal was to highlight subtle tasting notes from each bean. Fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, floral- it's all here. 


Colour:  Medium brown with a tiny touch of red noticeable.
Nose:  Cocoa powder, cinnamon, and the feeling (but not the taste) of cayenne when smelling this bar.
Taste:  Cream, some tannins, red berries, stone fruit acidity, a hint of brown butter.
Finish:  Medium finish with some coffee notes and a touch of astringency.


Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter
Weight: 60g 

Maker Description

Davies and Stout spent about a year researching and testing different methods of chocolate making before they launched Ritual Chocolate in Denver, eight years ago. They started with one bar and slowly added more over time. Now, they have 13 bars and make everyone at their shop on Iron Horse Drive.