Pacari - Drinking Chocolate - Cinnamon

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Product Description

Sure to be a holiday favorite! Cinnamon powder is combined in this drink with Pacari organic chocolate powder to give you a festive and delicious treat.

Pacari put in drinking cacao Pacari special twist by offering the wonderful beverage in three flavors; natural cacao, with ishpingo (Andean Cinnamon), and with ginger. It is also made using raw beans, unroasted and handled at low temperatures to retain more of the antioxidants. Any and all of these will thrill your senses and fill your body with the nutrients naturally found in these gifts from nature.

Directions for use:

Add 3 tablespoons on Pacari Drinking Cacao to 8oz of milk or water (warm or cold). Sweeten to taste, if desired. Also great in smoothies, for baking, and anywhere your imagination takes you.

Maker Description

Pacari Chocolate earned its reputation by bringing you the finest Ecuadorian chocolate, organic and made at the source in Ecuador. Innovative, intriguing, and unforgettable creations that are exhilarating to the palate, good for your health, and gentle on the environment.