Zotter - Hand-Scooped Chocolate - Apricot Sandwich

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Zotter's hand-scooped chocolate is a mixture of unlimited inventiveness and a lot of manual labour. They are filled chocolates. The fillings are spread on in layers on long tracks. During this process, up to 6 different layers are combined and coated all around with chocolate. Thanks to the wonderful compositions of taste and their unique design the Hand-scooped Chocolates have turned into a cult. 


Dissolves in the mouth! Wow. A tenderly melting, buttery ganache spiked with white bread schnapps, which Josef Farthofer distils from old organic white bread. Ingenious upcycling that tastes great and dissolves into apricot-chocolate- fruit-mousse. An extremely smooth milk chocolate!


raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER, fructose-glucose syrup, white bread spirit (5%), cocoa mass, MILK, ALMONDS, apricot puree (3%), BUTTER (2%), dried apricots (2%), SKIMMED MILK POWDER, SWEET WHEY POWDER, corn semolina, whole cane sugar, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, rose petals, lemon powder (lemons & corn starch) 
Cocoa: 40% minimum in the Mountain Milk Chocolate

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