Soma - Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate - Arcana 100%

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One of the world's best sugar-free chocolate wade from a rare cacao blend.

A new special edition of Arcana to celebrate our new bar boxes  - hand-painted vignettes of each bar representing the tasting experience, history, place, and the farmers who grew the cacao.
Arcana is a chocolate that celebrates the absence of sugar and shines the light on the variety of complex flavours locked within each cacao bean. The base is the rare and precious Venezuelan Porcelana, blended with seasonal and complementary origins to create an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of flavour. This season the grand cru Porcelana shares this exquisite bar with beans from Costa Esmeraldas (Ecuador), PISA (Haiti) and Ucayali (Peru). 
The beans are roasted, refined, and conched, without the addition of sugar, emulsifiers or flavourings. A potent substance that may bring about an unexpected change of consciousness.


Origin: blend 
Cacao content: 100% 
Tasting notes: cashews, liquorice, pink grapefruit, grass 


Academy of Chocolate - 2018 Gold
International Chocolate Awards - 
2016 World Silver

Maker Description

SOMA was conceived in the minds of a couple from Canada, who sought to find new ways of creating and enjoying chocolate. As fascinating as every definition of the word, SOMA’s creations are truly out of this world and mystical. An otherworldly experience has been curated for the recipients of their chocolates, one that transcends human comprehension.