Friis Holm - Dark Chocolate - Rugoso Bad Fermentation 70% (25g)

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Mikkel Friis-Holm is the master of sourcing unique cacao beans and well-crafted chocolate. The quality of chocolate may vary but the quality of Friis-Holms bars always remains consistent, keeping us calm, coll and self-respectful from the second we lay our hands on his remarkable chocolate to the final moment we close our eyes after finishing the last square waiting until next chocolate delivery.  Rugoso is a phenotype special to Nicaragua. In this style of fermentation, it breaks all the old rules - very low grade of fermentation - but flavorful, tannic and with notes of unripe plum and green banana. Like a good red wine, this one wins with age. It will reach maturity 18 months from production date - with ripe plum and a pleasant spiciness.


International Chocolate Awards, World 2019 - Bronze


Very creamy milk chocolate with notes of honey together with the spicy floral green Sansho pepper from Wakayama Prefecture in Japan.


Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, 
Weight: 100 g

Maker Description

Mikkel Friis Holm is an award-winning Danish chocolate maker who sources his beans from Honduras and Nicaragua. He is particularly known for his attention to detail and for experimenting with subtle variations in the chocolate-making process.