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    Welcome to Cacao Magazine, the first international print magazine fully dedicated to craft chocolate. This magazine is brought to you by the amazing chocolate makers, bloggers, farmers, writers, illustrators and enthusiasts all over the world, including Hello Chocolate. who make up this fascinating, delicious and up and coming industry. The magazine is not only exciting and educational reading but also a great Valentine's Day gift for your loved ones.


    What to Expect in the First Issue:
    • An introduction to the world of craft chocolate
    • Interview with award-winning maker Chocolate Naive
    • Issue one’s feature country: Germany – past, present, future
    • How chocolate is giving hope to rural communities in Nicaragua
    • Real vanilla and its role in the fine chocolate industry
    • Delicious chocolate recipes, and so much more!

    About Cacao Magazine

    The average consumer in Europe eats 7kg of chocolate every year. However, in a world where people are becoming increasingly interested in the food they eat, we felt that chocolate was being unfairly left out of the conversation. Tired of seeing chocolate misrepresented, and the stories of so many passionate people going unheard, something had to be done about it – so we got to work creating Cacao Magazine.
    Cacao is the first international print magazine dedicated to the craft chocolate industry. Much like the chocolate-making process, the layout of the magazine follows the “bean-to-bar” sequence.
    It begins where all chocolate does, at the hands of a farmer along the Cacao belt, exploring their stories from Nicaragua to Thailand. It followed all the way to your kitchen cupboard, and everywhere in between. Each issue also includes a feature country and unwraps the tales of its past and investigates the current and future landscape of the craft chocolate industry.