Chocolate Gift - Chinese New Year "Gold, Luck & Bitcoin"

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High-end Chinese New Year chocolate gift created to impress. 

The signs of the Lunar New Year aren’t just the guiding images to synchronize our life with, but the main source of inspiration for our Chinese New Year chocolate gifts. Always appropriate, especially during times of extreme craving, the set is the collection of everyday chocolate, including one-bite dark chocolate “Bitcoin” coins, that easily kills sugar craving with the best ingredients possible. Made in the most sustainable way our heirloom-quality chocolate does not contain artificial ingredients or palm oil. They build the gift that never collects dust.
Bean-to-bar or craft chocolate is a revolutionary concept that has been drastically transforming the chocolate industry. Craft chocolates deviate from mass-produced chocolates in that they represent only the finest and most natural ingredients, can contain rare varieties of cocoa beans, ascertain environmental conservation, and emphasize positive social impact by ensuring a sustainable ecology, community, and economy. Additionally, craft chocolate bars are exceptionally delicious and pure, relatively healthier than mass-produced chocolates, and both the bars and packaging are always beautifully designed.
This gift is a great example of sustainability for the reusability of the packaging. All chocolates are wrapped in linen furoshiki-style fabric that later can be used as home decor or an accessory (bandana wristband, anyone?) 
FUROSHIKI is a square-shaped cloth used in Japan to wrap items and carry them. Being made of cloth, FUROSHIKI can be stored easily, are very light and can wrap many different kinds of shapes. For those reasons, FUROSHIKI is convenient for day-to-day needs. They can be used to wrap several small goods together or wrap one bulky item, like a wine bottle or a large sake bottle. In addition to these advantages, FUROSHIKI can just be washed like other cloth when they get dirty. Japanese re-acknowledged that FUROSHIKI is also environmentally friendly, it became even more popular. Our FUROSHIKI is made of linen, yet it is durable and easy to make a knot.


We selected 5 of the best bean-to-bar craft dark & milk chocolate bars , added 8 chocolate ''bitcoins'' and wrapped in linen furoshiki-style fabric. Wondering what Furoshiki is and how it is sustainable? We've written a piece on our blog, check it out!
Gift message printed on transparent mate paper with hand-written fonts (leave your message on the cart page).
Important notice - Hello Chocolate reserves the right to replace any item in this gift with another of higher or equivalent value depending on availability.
Storage instruction - Store in a cool dry place away from strong odours.