Utopick - Dark Chocolate - Chivite 75%

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The bar is made of beans from Guatemalan's San Jose "Chivite" community - a 180-hectare cacao farm. The land had been abandoned since the Guatemalan civil war in 1980's and remained so till 2002 when 65 families that used to work on it before the war decided to convert it into high-quality coffee and cacao farm. Since then the community grew from 65to 125 families and delicious Chivite cacao is now their main source of income. Utopick in its turn made something beautiful and extremely delicious our of it. Now you can try it by yourself.  


Notes of tropical fruits that evolving into the toasted and slightly spicy taste.


Organic cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter 
Weight: 75 g

Maker Description

Hola from Valencia, aka “Valour of Spain”. Utopick Chocolate has perfection in its blood. They know that while it might take a little more gear and elbow grease, no mass-market chocolate can compare to a well-made single origin dark chocolate bar or dark milk chocolate with gin and tonic.