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This is our first collaboration of chocolate makers. We created this small chocolate set in order to give you an opportunity to try 3 bestselling flavors from our Chocolate Naive collection. This set contains a great combination of dark, milk and, so called, dark milk chocolate (which is chocolate with reduced sugar and high cocoa content). All bars are made from high-quality cacao beans with no preservatives or palm oil added. We support only sustainable chocolate makers that make real chocolate. 


3 pure mini chocolates at 15g each

Packacking Dimension: W: 6.5 x H: 2 x D: 6.5 mm
1 x Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter
1 x Dark Milk Chocolate with Golden Berries
1 x Dark Chocolate with Spices


3 bars * 15g = 45 g

1. Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter
Ingredients: cacao butter*, sugar*, cacao*, grass-fed milk powder, peanuts*, sea salt. May contain traces of sunflowers. Cacao min. 42%. *-organic

2. Milk Chocolate with Golden Berries
Ingredients: cacao*, sugar*, cacao butter*, golden berries. May contain traces of nuts, sunflowers, and milk. Cacao min. 65%.

3. Dark Chocolate with Spices
Ingredients: cacao*, sugar*, cacao butter*, cinnamon*, cayenne pepper*, vanilla*. May contain traces of milk, sunflowers or nuts. Cacao min. 68%. *-organic

Behind the Bars

Chocolate Naive

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Anna Lee
Good chocolates and smooth delivery

Good chocolates and smooth delivery