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This is the epitome of sustainable gift wrapping for your chocolates. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing replacement of one-time use paper/plastic gift wraps, Tenugui can be washed, reused and repurposed for multiple functions. The only limit would be one’s imagination. Like a well-seasoned cast iron pan, the more uses and washes the Tenugui gets, the softer it gets – thanks to the special dyeing technique. Moreover, with the intrinsic artistic value and the practicality of a Tenugui, it is essentially multiple gifts in one.


In the Heian period (AD 794 -1192), Tenugui were used only as accessories for Shinto rituals since fabrics were precious. The widespread use of Tenugui only became popular and eventually, a necessity, when cotton finally began to be cultivated in various parts of Japan during the Edo period (1592 – 1868). It was also around this time that people started regarding Tenugui as valuable not only as a functional item but also for the artistry that goes behind making Tenugui and their artistic value.


Kawamanu specializes in the making of Tenugui using a special “Chusen” hand-dyeing technique, which dates back to the Meiji period more than 100 years ago. Today, it is used by craftspeople who value its refined textures and visual qualities. Dyes used in this special technique are of different shades of colors depending upon each day’s weather, temperature, and humidity. These dyes on the Tenugui will gently fade with each washing but will also soften the Tenugui itself. This is the unique quality of the “Chusen” dyeing technique. Tenugui is all dyed by hand, and thus all products may not be completely identical.
This bleached seamless cloth is clean because it dries easily and attracts no dust, perfect for a hot and humid country like Singapore.

Product Details

Size: 33cm by 90cm
Material: 100% Cotton


Since the ends of Tenugui were simply cut off and not hemmed, slight fraying is to be expected from use. In the beginning, when the threads of the weft becomes frayed, cut off these threads. Once both ends become fringes of about 1cm with continued use and wash, the threads of the weft will cease to fray.

Other Uses

Packing lunch boxes, transporting glasses/wine bottles/beers/fragile goods, worn as a bandana/shawl, used as tablecloth, framed and hung on the wall as art, as a sling/temporary bandage during an emergency

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