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This option is a great option for thoughtful door gifts, favour gifts, wedding gifts, party gifts, and baby shower gifts. This customisable wrapping sleeve comes double (2 * 35g bars) Labooko chocolate bars by Zotter - one of the best world's bean-to-bar chocolate makers. You can create your own design of the sleeve or ask us to create it for you for a small additional charge of just 100$. If you're unsure where to start, just send us a short request to and we will address it within the next 24 hrs. 
W5.2 x L12.2 x H1.2 cm
About Labooko by Zotter: Origin chocolates from the different cocoa regions in the world, with a cocoa percentage ranking, and colourful fruit bars, whose great colours come all naturally from a large amount of fruit they contain and which taste incredibly fruity and natural. Zotter buys all raw materials in fair-trade and organic quality and process them directly in-house, bean-to-bar. They roast, grind, roll and conche with great precision and develop individually processed chocolates for you. Our Labookos convinced in the international chocolate test and scored top positions.
About Hello Chocolate: In small and humid Singapore, Hello Chocolate creates beautiful, delicious and sustainable gifts and offers seamless chocolate delivery with great service. Each and every day, our gift wizards carefully pack unique chocolate gifts whose deliciousness enhances the mood of gift recipients for many days after they receive their treat. Our chocolates, just as they were hundreds of years ago, release their extraordinary bouquets of fruits, nuts and flowers embedded in a finished chocolate bar. We carefully source only the best-handcrafted bars from the world's best chocolate makers.     
Get our Customization Guide for preparing your artwork by sending us a request to  Please provide us with your order detail stating the required number of gifts, deadlines and other conditions.
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