Bonnat - Dark Chocolate - Chuao Village 75%

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This bar is made using beans from the Chuao region on the northern coast of the Aragua region in Venezuela also known among connoisseurs as "the Romanée-Conti of cocoa". It's a harmonious blend of high-quality cacao beans. An incredibly fruity dark chocolate from Bonnat is to be expected from this world-famous cocoa region. Once harvested the beans are shipped to Voiron in France where Stephane Bonnat turns it into one of his ‘Les Grand Crus’. 

Chuao has changed a lot since its beginning as the ‘best’ cacao in the world, these days it comes in three forms, just to be slightly confusing. There’s Chuao the varietal, beans or cuttings taken originally from Chuao village and transplanted elsewhere to be grown in a different region, such as those at Cacao San Jose. There’s Chuao as an area, close to where all Chuao is grown, where there is some increasing diversity of genetics being cultivated and finally there is Chuao Village, at the heart of where Chuao’s infamy as cocoa comes from.

This is a smooth chocolate that develops creamy and syrupy textures like that of ice cream. To taste this is a chocolate with a delicate flavour, its profile is light and soft, in fact, the flavour reminds a lot of the colour of the packaging.

The Bonnat family have been making chocolate in Voiron, France for over 130 years. It was current head Stephane Bonnat’s parents, Raymond and Nicole Bonnat, who pioneered Bonnat’s first single-origin bars in the 1980s. Stephane has continued his parent’s tradition and the company now works with 35 different plantations worldwide to produce their bars.


MAKER: Bonnat (France).

COCOA ORIGIN: Chuao Region, Venezuela.

DIETARY TYPE: vegan, dairy-free, soy lecithin free, halal, kosher. 


WEIGHT: 100g (3.52 Oz)


cacao, sugar, cacao butter.