Chocolarder - Dark Chocolate - Ashaninka 72%

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The indigenous Asháninka people maintain their independence by cultivating and harvesting Peruvian rainforest cacao, which they sell to support and protect their land and communities.

Partnering with rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth to source direct from the growers, we are excited to be able to show off this exquisitely fruity cacao whilst contributing to a sustainable future for the Asháninka.
The Ashaninka are one of the largest indigenous groups that populate the Amazon rainforest. Settled in small communities on their ancestral lands in Peru, their tribal way of life remains intact, relying on traditional methods of hunting, fishing and farming to subsist.

Illegal loggers pose a very real threat to the land upon which the Ashaninka have thrived for centuries, and therefore to their survival as a people.

Rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth has been working with the Ashaninka to educate them on how to cultivate, ferment and dry fine flavour cacao using traditional means that minimally impact their environment. The beans attract a much higher price than commodity cacao, enabling them to fend off the threat to their land and provide a long-term and secure future for their families.



Early notes of green and red fruit, with undertones of hazelnut. Middle tones of apple peel and raspberry slowly give way to a long ending of burnt sugar caramel.
Bean varietal - Amazonian Criollo.
Bean origin - Ene River Valley, Peru. 
Cocoa - 72%
Conch time - 34 hours
Free from: Palm oil, E-mulsifiers, Vegetable fats, Preservatives, Colourings, Refined sugars And most importantly 100% Slavery free.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar.
Weight - 70 g.

Maker Description

Chocolarder has a mission to make high-quality bean to bar chocolate without compromising on ethics. The company ethically sources cocoa beans from around the world, and uses renovated antique machinery to turn them into award-winning chocolate in its' Falmouth factory. Chocoalder chocolate can be enjoyed safe in the knowledge that you are not inadvertently supporting child slavery or deforestation, farmers are being paid fair wages, and all of our packagings is completely plastic-free.