Idilio - Dark Chocolate - Chuao 72%

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A bar crafted in Switzerland, the home of Idilio and, at one time, William Tell. He was the 14th century marksman famous for taking down tyrants. According to the legend, the governor of Tell's Swiss canton hung his hat on a stake and ordered all the townsfolk to bow to it whenever they passed. Tell refused. The governor then ordered him to shoot an apple off Tell's own son's head with a crossbow as punishment. He succeeded & would later escape imprisonment to kill the governor, an event that then led a rebellion & the formation of a Swiss Confederacy. This bar also shoots the fruit off of Chuao's head and all go nuts.


The one thing that stands out as typically Swiss when it comes to chocolate is a rich, creamy flavour profile which is combined with a soft texture - and this chocolate is no different. Despite using premium Venezuelan cacao from the much-celebrated village of Chuao, this chocolate is an archetypal Swiss product. There are most certainly notes of raisin that dominate proceedings and perhaps some ginger at spice at the edges reminiscent of continental Christmas biscuits. There is almost an entire lack of acidity too. It's almost a 'milk' bar - but obviously without the milk.


Swiss chocolate from cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, without lecithin. 

Store cool and dry. 
Weight: 80g 

Maker Description

We can't imagine premium single origin chocolate without chocolate made from Criollo beans. But after all the talk over the years about gradual Criollo beans extinctions there is one place they are still striving - Souther Venezuela.  That's where Swiss chocolate maker Idilio Origins decided to focus on. MDs Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer, CEO of Idilio Origins, concentrated their search of the perfect cocoa beans specifically in this area which is famous for its concentration of rare varieties. And, believe us, they know a thing or two about how to make premium Swiss chocolate.