Chocolarder - Dark Chocolate - Cinnamon Toasted Nibbed Cacao 74%

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"Nibs" are simply pieces of cocoa bean with the shell and husk removed. The beans used for the nibs in this bar are a native variant from the Akesson owned Fazenda Sempre Firme plantation in Bahia, eastern Brazil. The nibs are lightly caramelised to preserve their flavour and texture when folded into our Peruvian 70% chocolate, delivering intense bursts of complex cacao flavour through every bite.
Mata Atlantica is the name given to the extensive rainforest which once stretched along most of Brazil’s Atlantic coast. Sadly there is little left now, but what remains is sustained in part by the cacao plantations nestled in the undergrowth. Fazenda Sempre Firme is a small cocoa plantation, just over a square kilometre in size, right in the middle of the Mata Atlantica.

Owned by the renowned Akessons family, they grow the traditional and extraordinary “Parasinho” variety of cacao that earned the Bahia region notoriety for its quality and fine flavour crop.

To accentuate the beans natural woody and earth notes, the nibs are toasted with Sri Lankan Ceylon cinnamon infusing the nibs with its rich aroma, before the toasted nibs are sealed within a cinnamon sugar crust.


Early notes of red fruit and hazelnut with a hum of toasted cacao nibs. Lingering caramel and earthy cocoa flavours finally give way to a final warming glow of cinnamon.
Bean varietal - Amazonian Criollo.
Bean origin - Ene River Valley, Peru. 
Cocoa - 74%
Conch time - 34 hours
Free from: Palm oil, E-mulsifiers, Vegetable fats, Preservatives, Colourings, Refined sugars And most importantly 100% Slavery free.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and cinnamon.
Weight - 70 g.

Maker Description

Chocolarder has a mission to make high-quality bean to bar chocolate without compromising on ethics. The company ethically sources cocoa beans from around the world, and uses renovated antique machinery to turn them into award-winning chocolate in its' Falmouth factory. Chocoalder chocolate can be enjoyed safe in the knowledge that you are not inadvertently supporting child slavery or deforestation, farmers are being paid fair wages, and all of our packagings is completely plastic-free.