Idilio - Dark Chocolate - Seleccion Cata Ocumare 72%

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While some chocolate manufacturers spend ages agonising over packaging artwork, Idilio has adopted the ‘stripped back’ approach to their chocolate bars, presumably letting the chocolate do the talking. The owners of Idilio have worked closely with the head of development at Felchlin (one of the big names in world chocolate and provider of couverture to Thorntons among others) who has advised them on cacao content, conching and roasting of the beans which make up their numbered range of bars. This bar uses 72% Venezuelan cacao from Ocumare de la Costa (just down the road from the legendary Chuao) conched for 48 hours. Like most good Swiss chocolate, this has a really smooth mouthfeel and a creamy texture. The beans exhibit hints of spice and a big burst of tropical fruit flavours. The chocolate melts immediately, with the super smooth, lightly acidic cacao delivering hints of spice, coffee and green notes. The beans are grown in mixed cultivation with other fruits and herbs, and it’s almost as though some of those flavours have found their way into the cacao. The finish is slightly acidic and fairly short, with the acidity staying right to the last. 


Tasting notes: Enormous aroma variety, concentrated aromas of roasting, espresso, nuts, dried fruit, fresh spices.


Swiss chocolate from cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter

Store cool and dry. 
Weight: 80g 

Maker Description

We can't imagine premium single origin chocolate without chocolate made from Criollo beans. But after all the talk over the years about gradual Criollo beans extinctions there is one place they are still striving - Souther Venezuela.  That's where Swiss chocolate maker Idilio Origins decided to focus on. MDs Pascal Wirth and Niklaus Blumer, CEO of Idilio Origins, concentrated their search of the perfect cocoa beans specifically in this area which is famous for its concentration of rare varieties. And, believe us, they know a thing or two about how to make premium Swiss chocolate.