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Overcoming centuries of oppression, the indigenous Zoque and Tzotzil tribes with whom we make this chocolate have stayed true to their spirited traditions in the Selva Zoque, the largest rainforest in Mexico. The ancient Zoque made their forest, or “selva”, the birthplace of all cacao when they gave it a name, “kakaw”, and a god, the cacao-eating spider monkey. Each sale of Zoque 88% helps revive these 4000-year-old traditions and the animals (such as the jaguar) they celebrate.


Tropical aromas of lychee and coconut in this Select Tribal Tabasqueño cacao have lifted the spirits of local Zoque and Tzotzil tribes for millennia.

Cause: Conserve Cacaos, Help Farmers, Protect Animals.


Cacao percentage: 88%

Bean Origin: Selva Zoque, Mexico

Rarity: Select Tribal Cacao

Diet: Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan

cacao mass*, raw cane sugar* (cacao 88% minimum). *Certified Organic. 

Weight: 70 g

Maker Description

Original Beans loves making pure, delicious chocolate, but the company wasn't created just to put another bar on the shelf. The company was founded on the passion for making the finest chocolate and for replenishing what we consume. For every bar of Original Beans chocolate purchased, a tree is planted and the adopted tree can be tracked via the code on the back of the sustainably made packaging. Buy chocolate and adopt a tree!